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Taboo Mommy for Family Fun Role Play

By , December 14, 2013


I’m Mommy Elise and I have exactly what takes to bring your most taboo incest phone sex fantasies to life in a way that seams as if we are really together and not just on the phone.  I’m a mature and experienced incest specialist, knowledgeable in both real life and fantasy family fun scenarios.  I have no limits and so we can engage in all kinds of kinky and perverted family fucking encounters.

What type of incest phone sex turns you on the most?  Do you like to imagine a mommy/son scenario?  If so I’d love to help you flesh out that fantasy with lots of kinky details that will make your call so intense that your climax will be explosive.  We can engage in an underage pedo fantasy with you as mommy’s little boy, incorporate a fetish for mommy’s silky panties or sexy high heels, or explore a naughty strap on session.

‘Maybe mommy/son incest phone sex isn’t your thing.  It could be you like the idea of a slutty mommy with a preteen daughter just about to go into puberty.  A nasty mommy who wants you to be her accomplice in popping her virgin daughter’s cherry, or even knocking her teen daughter  up in a nasty pregnant phone sex set up.  Whatever kind of taboo fantasy you may have, just pick up the phone and give me a call.  Let’s have some nasty fun today.

Elise – 877-789-5973



Kinky MILF for Taboo Role Play

By , November 23, 2013

How about spending some time with a hot MILF, a phone sex mommy who knows just how to push all your hottest buttons and take you on a taboo sexual adventure that will leave you breathless?  Explore your deepest and darkest secret and forbidden fantasies, everything from incest with mommy to being mommy’s little cross dressing cock sucking sissy.  Maybe you have a fantasy about a woman you knew growing up, your mommy’s best friend, a sexy MILF or cougar who you jerked off thinking about.  We can relive those hot fantasies in a steamy role play that ends just the way you always dreamed it would.

A phone sex mommy like me is mature, intelligent and experienced in all kinds of kinky and perverted areas of sexual play.  Lots of guys love being a cuckold hubby to a hot cheating wife, eating that cream pie out of her freshly fucked pussy, even wishing to participate as his wife’s fluffer boy or cock sucker.  Imagine getting fucked by your wife’s hot and hung boyfriend’s big black cock.  What a nasty and fun time we could have in a humiliation session that will make you cum like a dirty little whoreboy.

Call me and let’s explore your kinkiest and most perverted mommy phone sex fantasy today.

Elise – 1-877-789-5973

Incest Mommy gets Kinky

By , November 10, 2013

Wouldn’t it be exciting to spend some time with an extremely perverted phone sex fantasy artist?  A mature and intelligent woman who is kinky as they come with an imagination creative enough to take your most taboo fantasy and bring it to life?  I’m Elise and one thing that makes my pussy throb is a very perverted phone sex call.  Would you like to engage in an incest fantasy where I play your Mommy?  You can be any age you like, from a little baby boy to a toddler, preteen, teenager to a grown man.  We can expand our perverted phone sex fantasy to include other family members and have a family fun fuckfest if you like.

I get especially excited when our call includes underage pedo play and love to create a scene that includes my preteen daughter.  Being blackmailed and forced to sell my daughter to pay the rent is always a hot age play scenario.  Make it even more taboo and include my underage son and we can teach him how to be a cocksucking cum eating bitch for you, make him lick his virgin sister’s bald pink cunt while you take his ass, and finish off by dumping a hot load of sperm in the tight young twat.

Maybe your idea of a perverted phone sex scene involves Mommy being a totally hot MILF that all your friends jerk off thinking about and don’t mind telling you just what they’d love to do to your hot mom.  You act shocked and offended but those same kinds of taboo thoughts have been running through your own mind.  You do your best to peek at Mommy when she is coming out of the shower, or try to catch a glimpse of her when she is getting undressed at night.  Just the sight of her big titties drives you wild and you dream of titty fucking her, and oh so much more …

Call me and let’s create a perverted fantasy just for you.

Elise  – 877-789-5973

Blackmailed by Perverted Underage Mind Control

By , November 8, 2013


This perveted Mommy loves all kinds of kinky phone sex play and that includes taboo incest and familiy fucking scenarios.  All forms of incest from the very underage to a hot MILF auntie seduced by her teenage nephew.  But being a perverted phone ho, I love all kinds of kinky calls including some things that are pure fantasy like a call I had the other day.

This kinky phone sex lover had called me before, but this was the first time we’d talked in a while and it was so much hot and taboo fun I came at least twice!  My caller loves to play an underage boy who has special mind control and hypnotic powers over women.  One day I’m at home when my doorbell rings and I find this boy and several of his friends, I’m not at all alarmed, I’ve known these boys since they were just toddlers, they live in the neighborhood.  I invite them in and the leader tells me they would like to take photographs of me for their art class, would I mind?  I’m flattered and say yes and they begin taking pictures of me in my shorts and tee shirt, but soon he suggests I change into a bikini.  I want to resist, to say no, but I find I cannot resist, and so I change and the picture taking begins again, but this time in my bedroom.

Soon this underage boy had me allowing him to tie my hands above my head even though I know this is a bad idea, and the next thing I see is one of his friends, a syringe in hand.  I want to struggle and try to say no, but soon I am enjoying the feel of the drug and now I totally submit as these young boys with huge cocks rape me over and over, taking pictures the whole time.  When they are done for the day, they show me the pics threatenting to expose me to0 everyone if I don’t do exactly as I’m told from now on.  Their blackmail works and I am their kinky phone sex slave and whore.  The next day they return with even more friends …

Call me with your kinkiest fantasy and let’s have some extremely naughty fun today!

Elise – 1-877-789-5973



Blackmail Fantasy Roleplay with Mommy

By , November 1, 2013


Imagine a taboo phone sex encounter with a mature woman who has a vast array of knowledge about all kinds of kinky and forbidden matters.  A woman who has real life experience in alternative lifestyles, such as incest, bdsm, bi-sexuality and cuckolding to name just a few.  Wouldn’t you love to share your fantasies and real time experiences with a woman who will truly understand you, and will help you bring those fantasies to life in a role play phone encounter?

If that’s the kind of taboo phone sex partner you are seeking, give me a call and let’s get to know each other.  A lot of my callers love to talk about incest and being your phone sex Mommy is always my pleasure.  One such caller and I have talked for a long time now about his incest phone sex fantasies and have role played scenarios involving him as a young boy with Mommy dressing him up and using her strap on; him as a grown man, married with a son and daugthter of his own, with his Mommy, their Grandmother using the children to seduce their own father and then blackmail him, threatening to tell his nasty secret to his boss.  I’ve been that perverted pedo Mommy who fucks the neighbor children and my son’s friends.  When he catches me on cam, I’m the one being blackmailed.

In these taboo phone sex calls we’ve played out many other scenarios as well.  But incest is not the only kind of taboo call I love.  We can delve into your crossdressing desires and I’ll help you explore a feminization that will make your dreams come true.  We can keep it sweet and sensual, or take it to the extreme in a forced cocksucking and cum eating adventure.  If you crave humiliation and degradation, I’m ready for that too.  Share your deepest desires with me and I’ll help you make them come to life.

Elise – 1-877-789-5973

Taboo Mommy loves Age Play

By , October 28, 2013


Incest phone sex is always best when your phone sex Mommy is sexy and experienced in the most forbidden of form of taboo sex, both in reality and in fantasy and even extreme fantasy play.  Your incest call can be about any form of incest at all, and include age play and pedo phone sex as well.  It can be about just you and Mommy, or we could make it a little kinkier by adding your sister, push the limits just a bit more and bring in your brother, or even Daddy.  We could do a hot role play if you like, you could be Daddy, I’ll be Mommy and we teach our young son or daughter all about fucking.  Let our underage daughter watch as Mommy sucks you and then teaches her to be a good cocksucker just like Mommy.  She can watch as Daddy fucks Mommy and then get fucked by Daddy just like Mommy.

An auntie/nephew incest phone sex role play can be a lot of fun.  Imagine having a hot MILF for an aunt, you and all your friends dream about fucking her.  You peek at her in the shower or bathroom, try to see up her skirt and down her blouse, her amazing titties and ass just blow you away.  What if Auntie is well aware of how she makes you and all the boys react and one day when you are over to help with chores, she comes on to you.  What happens next is up to you …

Next time you’re in the mood for an incest phone sex fantasy that feels like we are really together, give me a call.  I’m experienced, have a vivid imagination and a very dirty mind.  Call me and cum for Mommy.

Elise – 1-877-789-5973

Kinky Incest Age Play Fantasies

By , October 17, 2013


It’s me, your personal mommy phone sex specialist, Elise, back again to bring you the most intensely pleasurable incest phone sex fantasies you could ever imagine.  I’ve been gone for a while but am excited about talking to all my favorite phone sex guys again, and getting to know a lot of you new callers as well.  I’ve missed having nasty perverts who share my love of taboo phone sex around to share my forbidden fantasies with.  For those of you who don’t know me yet, I’m mature and experienced in both incest fantasies and have had several real life incestual relationships.  I’d be more than happy to share both the fantasies and the realities with you if you wish.

But more importantly, I’m here to make YOUR mommy phone sex fantasies come true, to make our erotic phone conversations seem more like reality than you thought possible.  The only limits on where our fantasies and conversation can go are those in our minds, and my mind is as dirty as they come, and the more taboo, the more forbidden our fantasies are, the hotter and nastier I get.

Even though mommy phone sex is my specialty, rest assured that I’ve been around long enough to have a lot of kinks of my own, so any kind of phone sex you’re looking for, we can explore.  From age play fantasies, to extreme pedo phone sex, to feminization, forced or otherwise, from cocksucking and cum eating to strap on play and more, I’m here to make those fantasies a reality for you too!

I’m waiting for your call baby. 

Elise – 1-877-789-5973

Mommy Elise Returns to Phone Sex!

By , October 7, 2013

Mommy Elise returns to phone sex soon!